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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pop Warner Open Letter

Below is an open letter email from a Pop Warner parent addressed to Fullerton Pop Warner "president" James "Jimbo" Wright.

TimeSubj: Please help our "Blue" Flag Team!

Dear Jimbo and Board Members:

I'm emailing you today to express my deepest concern for the Blue Fullerton Titan Flag Football team. I appreciate your time and appreciate you each taking this time to read this lengthy email. I apologize for its length but several parents and I have valid arguments which need to be addressed.

I'll begin by stating how unfortunate our team has been, and how our boys have suffered, due to lack of organization and leadership skills. After speaking to some parents, I learned that I am not alone when I sadly state that our coaches have poor people skills, communication skills, and organizational skills. This is my sons first year playing flag football. Unfortunately, several parents and I have the same future outlook...that our boys may not be returning next year due to the experience the boys are having. This should be the best/funnest, most rewarding time for our boys, especially since more than 92% of our flag football team are first year players. Some of these first year boys are excellent ball players. It would be a shame to lose these boys simply because our head coach cannot commnicate and lead effectively.

Our head coach, Coach Rick, first introduced himself to our boys at a bar in Placentia. Not a kid friendly pizza place, however, a bar with literally one video game, two bar-like tables, two waitresses, a fully stocked bar, and some booths! I understand now, that Coach Rick knows the owners of the bar, and has agreed to take his team there whenever possible. A bar is not a place I would like my son to socialize with his fellow teammates after a football game. While other kids go to kid friendly pizza places, our kids gather at a bar and watch their coach drink alcohol.

At our first meeting, parents were given names of the three coaches who were to assist Coach Rick during the season. Those coaches showed up to three practices and never showed up to any practices thereafter! Today, those same coaches showed up for this mornings game. Not only did this confuse our boys, it was extremely discouraging to learn Coach Rick had been suspended and then for our boys to see him sitting on a lawn chair just adjacent to Lions Field. I had to explain to my son why his head coach was sitting so far away from his team and why there were new coaches on the field. This is not a conversation I want to have with my son.

Shortly after the third practice, parents noticed the lack of coaches. Coach Rick asked several men who were consistenly attending their sons practices to "step-up" and help him coach. Two of Coach Rick's assistants were forced into changing their employment schedules and were now working nights. Realizing that our boys were not having the best experience and were running wild, some fathers agreed to coach and commit themselves to be at each and every practice and games for the boys. This morning, at today's game, those same coaches/fathers/grandfathers, etc. whom have been there consistently, were literally pushed aside as our boys watched. These men who have already committed themselves to be at every practice have earned the respect of our kids and should be the ones on the field leading our boys as they do during practive.

One cannot be a part-time coach and expect to show up only at game time! This tactic confuses our 5,6, & 7 year olds and Coach Rick and Coach Bobby need to learn that. How can our boys be lead by men who do not have their own affairs in line? It's impossible!!! The lack of organization is apparent.

Furthermore, there are coaches that HAVE NOT BEEN BACKGROUND CHECKED!!! Coaching my son...there is one coach who has a Fullerton Titan coach shirt, badge, etc. and has not filled out a background authorization! Get him off the field! I do not want my son being coached by somebody who has not been checked!!!

Let me again apologize for this long email but something must be done about this as soon as possible. There are many other parents who feel the way I do and are not happy with this situation. Some of us parents have our own theory about why the lack of organization has affected our team. Theories such as favoritism, some boys playing both offense & defense, one quaterback, one wide receiver, etc. (the boys are not allowed to play different positions to stimulate & encourage their abilities). When I first registered my son to play football, I thought he was going to be given a chance to play every position. As a parent, I depend on the knowledge of the coach and his assistants to bring out the "aggressive player" in my son.

Since day 1 our team has been so disorganized. Communications regarding practices & scrimmages come a day before. On one occasion, I learned about a scheduled scrimmage the very same day. In fact, parents and I learned hours before our boys were to be there! My list goes on and on! Again, I am not alone when I communicate my disappointment with Coach Rick & Coach Bobby.

Did I mention?...Coach Bobby was literally using his cell phone (bluetooth on his ear) with Coach Rick during this mornings game! So while on suspension, Coach Rick was still calling the shots from a lawn chair, sitting in somebody's yard trying to direct our team. These coaches cost our team a 15 yard penalty for communicating (Bobby using his bluetooth) while on the field! This almost cost us the game!

I want the coaches who are consistently at every practice coaching my son. I want them background checked. This is a personal opinion but I also want the coaches not to appear like they've been drinking or smoking drugs before they approach our boys. Coach Rick and Coach Bobby need to learn "people skills" before they face the parents. They're disrespectful and rude to parents in front of our children.

Please help!!!!

Respectfully yours,

"BLUE" Team

Pop Warner breaking bad again.