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The Fullerton Junior All American Bears are members of the Orange County Junior All American Football Conference (OCJAAF). Comprised of twenty-nine (29) chapter (city) members throughout the Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties, OCJAAF is the largest youth football and cheerleading organization in the nation. The Fullerton Junior All American Bears are honored to contribute to OCJAAF's diversity, which makes the Orange County Junior All American Football Conference number one in competition. The Fullerton Junior All American Bears are proud to sponsor OCJAAF's core values of "family" and of "community" - the standards that keep OCJAAF and the Fullerton Junior All American Bears a leading youth football and cheerleading organization. Families come in many combinations and we celebrate the word of "family" as meaning: team, the Fullerton Junior All American Bears, community and the OCJAAF Conference. There is nothing stronger than the spirit in the word of family and you will see it and feel it within the Fullerton Junior All American Bears organization and our OCJAAF Conference.

The objective of the Fullerton Junior All American Bears program is to inspire youth, regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin; to practice the ideals of health, citizenship and character; to bring our youth closer together through the means of a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play and fellowship; to impart to the game elements of safety, sanity and intelligent supervision; and to keep the welfare of the player and/or cheerleader first, foremost and entirely free of adult lust for glory.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

La Mirada Pop Warner passes out beer bongs infront 8 year olds

POSTED BY LM Pop Warner Dad “LM Pop Let Down”

La Mirada, CA

Mar 10, 2010

Lets see, they dropped the ball by allowing beer bongs to be passed out to the coaches as thank you gifts in front of about 35 children under the age of ten, during an awards banquet . Then the coaches and team mom told the children they were for orange juice, wtf is that. You ask what am I referring to? My childrens recent banquet where you could find plenty of Jack, beer and beer bongs for all the little ones to see. Nice role models!

You ask did I call or write and let Pop Warner know? Yes I did call Pop Warner and what was done, nothing. I was told I would be getting a call from Dan, but never did. So the only crock is this so called family organization. They pretend to care about our children but don't.
OEC Pop Warner at it again. It is all about the kids for Orange Empire Conference Pop Warner.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Officials Ban 11-Year-Old Demias Jimerson From Scoring Touchdowns

Officials Ban 11-Year-Old Demias Jimerson From Scoring Touchdowns
October 01, 2011

At 11 years old, Demias Jimerson is a sixth-grade football star. "Star" meaning, he's so good that officials made it illegal for him to score any more touchdowns.

Principal Bryant from Wilson Intermediate School in Arkansas said that "if he gets his hands on the ball...he'll score." What is wrong with that? What is the point of playing a competitive sport? Apparently, school officials feel that by Jimerson "running" the game, the other fifth and sixth-graders feel inferior and left out. That's a valid argument, however, how does that affect Demias? Since when does limiting one's self define success in regards to a competition? According to Mrs. Bryant the rule is there to help the other players develop as well, and it was never implemented in hopes of punishing young Jimerson.

The rule states that if Demias has scored three touchdowns and his team is leading by at least 14 points then he's prohibited from scoring another touchdown. So does this mean that teams will just let him score three times to get him out of the game and then really start playing? It's simply ridiculous. Why isn't there a rule that allows him to play up a grade level?

The truly outrageous part about all this is actually really humbling: Demias Jimerson says that he is alright with all this and that he understands; however, he's still "kind of shocked" to hear that he had to do it. In an interview with Fox News he said that "I'm gonna run hard and bring our team to victory," adding, "but God always comes first, before anything, and grades second."

Luckily, for Jimerson, his fans, and anyone else upset about the "Madre Hill Rule," it only affects players up to sixth grade. Next year the game is on and as time proves: other teams better be careful because '12' year old football star Demias Jimerson is coming.