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The Fullerton Junior All American Bears are members of the Orange County Junior All American Football Conference (OCJAAF). Comprised of twenty-nine (29) chapter (city) members throughout the Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties, OCJAAF is the largest youth football and cheerleading organization in the nation. The Fullerton Junior All American Bears are honored to contribute to OCJAAF's diversity, which makes the Orange County Junior All American Football Conference number one in competition. The Fullerton Junior All American Bears are proud to sponsor OCJAAF's core values of "family" and of "community" - the standards that keep OCJAAF and the Fullerton Junior All American Bears a leading youth football and cheerleading organization. Families come in many combinations and we celebrate the word of "family" as meaning: team, the Fullerton Junior All American Bears, community and the OCJAAF Conference. There is nothing stronger than the spirit in the word of family and you will see it and feel it within the Fullerton Junior All American Bears organization and our OCJAAF Conference.

The objective of the Fullerton Junior All American Bears program is to inspire youth, regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin; to practice the ideals of health, citizenship and character; to bring our youth closer together through the means of a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play and fellowship; to impart to the game elements of safety, sanity and intelligent supervision; and to keep the welfare of the player and/or cheerleader first, foremost and entirely free of adult lust for glory.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Video of Pop Warner Parents Fighting

Pop Warner Parents Brawl in Front of Children

Here is video of Pop Warner parents brawling in front of their own children.


You have to give a hand to Pop Warner, which continues to lack organization and discipline at their local chapter levels. All the moneys donated to Pop Warner nationally and this is what the result is in cities? Makes you wonder where the moneys went...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pop Warner Is a Joke

Peter North
Menifee, CA

Aug 26, 2009

Holy Smokes! This is my sons first year playing Pop Warner and I must say I am not impressed! The first day of practice I was told we had like 5 days to sell crap and come up with money for a fundraiser. Then they make us buy a shirt for practice then a week later they handed out free practice jerseys?? Everything so half-assed. The picture were not on the day they were suppose to be. First game is in 3 days and my son only has his pants that he has to return at the end of the season. WTF are we paying for??$200 and everythng has to be returned at the end of the season. I understand the feild cost money, but not that much! They are freaking milking everybody for every red cent. Come on,, and get your shit toether!After this season my son will be done with Pop Warner! He will be playing Jr. all american next year.Average $$ Flag a football parent has spent..........350.00Average$$ Tackle football parent has spent..........900.00I want to know where all the money is going to.

MPW Sucks
Covina, CA

Nov 7, 2009
I agree with Peter North, my kids will NEVER participate in Pop Warner again. My first mistake was signing them up for Pop Warner instead of All American. The second was "VOLUNTEERING" to coach! I have a large family and one income household. It took planning ahead to add the expense of Pop Warner into our budget...or at least what we thought the expense would be.$325 registration for two kids. But that didn't include any equipment, so add to that $350 for a cheer uniform and $100 for cleats and other various football equipment. Then came the fundraisers,$160 for the mandatory fundraiser, plus we were REQUIRED to have fundraising all season. Opening day (2), candle sales, dinners, find sponsors, and keep going back to friends and relatives with the "gimmes". Then the coach stuff...the coach shirt was $30, CPR card $45, Background check $30, and driving to San Diego for training!!! OVER $1000!!! And, the yearbook they promised us...we didn't SELL enough pages to afford it. Our team party is next week but my kids won't get their trophies because I couldn't pull another $60 out of the air! So, of course, they will hold them hostage. What a sad ending for my kids...Everyone says such wonderful things about Pop Warner. They must not have played in Menifee.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boy Faces Possible Paralysis After Pop Warner Football Injury

Boy Faces Possible Paralysis After Pop Warner Football Injury 5:48 a.m. PST, November 8, 2011MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (KTLA) -- A 13-year-old boy is facing possible paralysis from a spinal injury suffered during a Pop Warner football game.

Donnovan Hill fractured his spine on Sunday during the Midget Orange Bowl championship game.

Hill is the running back for the Lakewood Lancers.
Witnesses say Hill dropped to the ground after hitting his head while trying to block a play.

His mother says he is trying to be strong, and they are praying that the surgeons at Mission Hospital can repair the injury.

Family and friends will gather Tuesday night for a special prayer vigil at Mae Boyer Park.

If you would like to help the Hill family, donations can be sent to the Orange Empire Conference, in care of Donnovan Hill:

Orange Empire Conference c/o Donnovan Hill PO Box 7652 Huntington Beach, CA 92615
Video of this story can be seen at: http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-pop-warner-football-injury,0,4938743.story

All of Southern California youth football should be pulling for young Donnovan Hill and his family.

But OEC collecting donations on this young man's behalf is a second tragedy. Hopefully, someone else establishes a charitable fund for this brave young man's family.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pop Warner Officials in Lawsuit

Oviedo Pop Warner officers targeted in father’s lawsuit
March 30, 2010By Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel

SANFORD — An Oviedo Pop Warner football dad is suing four officers of the nonprofit sports organization, accusing them of fraud, self-dealing and buying gear from sporting-goods companies that pay a cut to one of the officers.

"This … thing is a huge scandal," said Dale Di Bernardo, 49, who filed the suit in circuit court. "These people are walking around town like they're doing the people who sign up for these sports a favor. They're ripping everyone off."

Named in the suit are four volunteers who have donated hundreds of hours to pee-wee football players and cheerleaders: Oviedo Pop Warner commissioner Frank V. Sloan, a sporting goods salesman; president Jeffrey Woodard III, a supermarket manager; treasurer Linda Lougee, an Oviedo High School secretary; and club secretary Debbie Long.

None would comment Tuesday except to say they had done nothing wrong.

"The allegations," said Long, "are false."

No one has been arrested or charged, but the suit accuses two of the officers of financial wrongdoing.

The suit says Sloan has put money in his pocket by having the league buy equipment from at least two sporting-goods companies for which he has worked or in which he owns an interest.

It also says Lougee, the treasurer, has donated Pop Warner money, without authorization, to another organization for which she serves as treasurer — the Oviedo High School Athletic Booster Club.

According to Pop Warner financial records turned over this year, Lougee has spent about $2,000 in Pop Warner funds on high-school boosters and bought them a large flat-screen television, said Di Bernardo's attorney, Lan Kennedy-Davis.

Lougee said that's not true. Her boss at Oviedo High, Principal Robert Lundquist, said he has seen no evidence of misspending.

Di Bernardo fought for months to get the league's financial records, Kennedy-Davis said, and when they were finally delivered, they were incomplete and showed misspending.

"This is not incompetence — not based on our belief," she said. "These are intentional acts."

Woodard and Long were sued, Kennedy-Davis said, because they consistently vote with Sloan and Lougee at board meetings.

Because the records were incomplete, Kennedy-Davis said she did not know how much money was misspent. The lawyer said it appeared that financial irregularities went on for years.

Two Oviedo Pop Warner coaches who know Di Bernardo said they have no information about financial improprieties. But they know Di Bernardo, and they say he is the problem.

He has turned against the league because coaches last season pulled his 12-year-old son from the starting lineup, they said.

"I have never seen somebody go to this extent over something like this in my life," said Ed Boyd, who coached Di Bernardo's son in 2007 and 2008.

"He's attacking some really good people. … Pop Warner is a great organization, a great organization, and Oviedo has been the model."

Di Bernardo, who used to coach Oviedo Pop Warner football as well as Babe Ruth baseball and wrestling, said that is not the case. Parents have to pay nearly $300 per child per year, and the money is being wasted, he said.

In addition, the children have to conduct fundraisers, such as selling cookie dough, to cover league expenses.

"I'm flushing money down the toilet [on legal fees] for the good of the town and the kids, to eliminate these bad apples from these organizations," he said.

He estimated that 300 children, as young as 5, take part in Oviedo Pop Warner football and cheerleading.

Among his demands in the suit is that a judge make sure that any misspent money is repaid, and that the four men who coached Di Bernardo's son — including Boyd — are banned from coaching Pop Warner teams again.

Rene Stutzman can be reached at rstutzman@orlandosentinel.com or 407-650-6394.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

La Mirada Pop Warner passes out beer bongs infront 8 year olds

POSTED BY LM Pop Warner Dad “LM Pop Let Down”

La Mirada, CA

Mar 10, 2010

Lets see, they dropped the ball by allowing beer bongs to be passed out to the coaches as thank you gifts in front of about 35 children under the age of ten, during an awards banquet . Then the coaches and team mom told the children they were for orange juice, wtf is that. You ask what am I referring to? My childrens recent banquet where you could find plenty of Jack, beer and beer bongs for all the little ones to see. Nice role models!

You ask did I call or write and let Pop Warner know? Yes I did call Pop Warner and what was done, nothing. I was told I would be getting a call from Dan, but never did. So the only crock is this so called family organization. They pretend to care about our children but don't.
OEC Pop Warner at it again. It is all about the kids for Orange Empire Conference Pop Warner.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Officials Ban 11-Year-Old Demias Jimerson From Scoring Touchdowns

Officials Ban 11-Year-Old Demias Jimerson From Scoring Touchdowns
October 01, 2011

At 11 years old, Demias Jimerson is a sixth-grade football star. "Star" meaning, he's so good that officials made it illegal for him to score any more touchdowns.

Principal Bryant from Wilson Intermediate School in Arkansas said that "if he gets his hands on the ball...he'll score." What is wrong with that? What is the point of playing a competitive sport? Apparently, school officials feel that by Jimerson "running" the game, the other fifth and sixth-graders feel inferior and left out. That's a valid argument, however, how does that affect Demias? Since when does limiting one's self define success in regards to a competition? According to Mrs. Bryant the rule is there to help the other players develop as well, and it was never implemented in hopes of punishing young Jimerson.

The rule states that if Demias has scored three touchdowns and his team is leading by at least 14 points then he's prohibited from scoring another touchdown. So does this mean that teams will just let him score three times to get him out of the game and then really start playing? It's simply ridiculous. Why isn't there a rule that allows him to play up a grade level?

The truly outrageous part about all this is actually really humbling: Demias Jimerson says that he is alright with all this and that he understands; however, he's still "kind of shocked" to hear that he had to do it. In an interview with Fox News he said that "I'm gonna run hard and bring our team to victory," adding, "but God always comes first, before anything, and grades second."

Luckily, for Jimerson, his fans, and anyone else upset about the "Madre Hill Rule," it only affects players up to sixth grade. Next year the game is on and as time proves: other teams better be careful because '12' year old football star Demias Jimerson is coming.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Demias Jimerson, 11, Penalized for Being “Too Good”

Demias Jimerson, 11, Penalized for Being “Too Good”

Can a 11-year-old boy really be “too good” at football?

After watching Demias Jimerson, a sixth grader playing in Arkansas’ Wilson Intermediate Football League, Terri Bryant, the league’s commissioner, says yes.

Following a seven-touchdown performance by Jimerson in a recent game, his league revived an old rule which essentially “tames” the young athlete’s talents, by preventing him from scoring a touchdown if he has already scored three times and his team leads by 14 or more points.

The re-instituted bylaw, known as the “Madre Hill rule,” is named after former University of Arkansas star and Oakland Raider Madre Hill, who, like Jimerson, played youth football in the Malvern, Ark., area.

In his youth Hill proved so adept at getting the ball into the end zone whenever he touched it that the WIFL came up with the rule to try and keep scores from getting too out of hand.

In Demias’ case, the rule is being enforced to help the other fifth and sixth graders on the field develop as football players too, not to punish young Jimerson, says commissioner Bryant.

“The other players on both teams, 21 are just left sort of, this is all Demias,” she said. “So that’s why the Madre Hill Rule has been implemented.”

While most kids (and their parents) would throw a literal fit, if faced with a similar circumstance, Jimerson took the news of the rule like a champ.

“I got, kinda got shocked because I didn’t know that was gonna happen, but it did,” said Jimerson. Adding, “I’m ok with it. I’m gonna run hard and bring our team to victory, but God always comes first, before anything, and grades second.”

Youth league institutes TD limit to hold back 11-year-old

Youth league institutes TD limit to hold back 11-year-old
Cameron Smith - September 30, 2011

Usually we try to celebrate great young athletes and their prodigious potential. In Arkansas, one youth football league is instituting a dramatic rule to hold back its brightest star, all in an attempt to level the playing field for other competitors.

According to Arkansas Fox affiliate Fox 16, 11-year-old Demias Jimerson has emerged as such a dominant running back that the Wilson Intermediate Football League he plays in has reinstated a bylaw called the "Madre Hill rule," which bars him from scoring a touchdown if he has already scored three times and his team has a lead of 14 points or more .

The rule is named after former University of Arkansas star and Oakland Raider Madre Hill , who, like Jimerson, played youth football in the Malvern, Ark., area. Hill proved so adept at getting the ball into the end zone whenever he touched it that the WIFL came up with the rule to try and keep scores from getting too out of hand.

Now it has brought the same statute back for Jimerson, saying that the rule isn't meant to punish him, but rather to ensure that the other 21 players on the field stay involved .

"The other players on both teams, 21 are just left sort of, this is all Demias," WIFL commissioner Terri Bryant, who is also Jimerson's Intermediate School principal, told Fox 16. "So that's why the Madre Hill Rule has been implemented.

"[Jimerson] is going to score almost every time he touches the ball."

It turns out that Bryant's assessment of Jimerson's talent is only a slight exaggeration. In one of the two games the sixth-grader played before the Madre Hill rule was implemented, he scored an incredible seven touchdowns .

For his part, Jimerson said he's OK with the ruling, though he was surprised when it was first implemented. He also knows that when he becomes a seventh-grader in 2012 no limits will be applicable , so it will be impossible to penalize him for scoring too much.

"I got, kinda got shocked because I didn't know that was gonna happen, but it did," said Jimerson. Adding, "I'm ok with it."

Given his current production with a bizarre rule holding him back, the prospect of Demias Jimerson "unleashed" should be a terrifying prospect for any future opponents, both in the WIFL and across the state.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pop Warner Coach Sells Cocaine During Practice

Pop Warner Football Coach Sells Cocaine During Practice
Buffalo Pop Warner youth football coach Eric Humphrey was arrested for selling cocaine during team practices while running a drug ring. Police said he made cocaine deals in a parking lot while his team practiced on a nearby field. Humphrey coached the midget division team (for 11 to 14-year-olds) of the Buffalo Ravens.

Humphrey and five other men, three of them his relatives, where arrested this week on felony drug-conspiracy charges. Authorities say agents found more than $120,000 in cash in Humphrey’s bedroom.

Humphrey’s team was one win away from advancing to the National Pop Warner Championships at Disney World this past season.

Police said they found a pound of powdered cocaine, 4.5 ounces of crack cocaine and 21 kilogram-sized cocaine wrappers in a “stash house” operated by Humphrey on the East Side.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pop Warner football coach arrested

Pop Warner football coach arrestedDecember 07, 2000

by Tariq Malik

HUNTINGTON BEACH -- A youth football coach has been stripped of his responsibilities after facing drunk-driving and willful child-endangerment charges in connection with a car accident he and three of his team members were in last week in route to a weekend competition in the town of Needles near the Arizona border.

Barrett Brown, a 35-year-old Pee Wee coach for the city's Pop Warner football chapter, was arrested by the California Highway Patrol after his 1995 Isuzu Rodeo overturned on a rural highway at 6:15 p.m. Friday, five miles outside the California city, authorities said.

Brown's attorney was unable to comment on the case Wednesday due to its preliminary nature.

A Cypress resident, Brown was carrying three boys between 11 and 12 years old destined for a postseason consolation game Saturday in Laughlin, Nev. None of the boys, nor Brown, were seriously hurt in the accident.

"The boys were all wearing their seat belts," said Officer Bill Haney, spokesman for the California Highway Patrol. "Oddly enough, Brown was the only person not wearing one."

Brown and the boys suffered bruises and scratches, and were treated at Needles Desert Communities Hospital and released that day.

Officials with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said Brown was jailed over the weekend in lieu of $1,053 bail for drunk driving, and $100,000 on the willful child-endangerment charge.

San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Joseph R. Brisco, of the Needles office, dropped Brown's cruelty to children bail down to $15,000 in a Tuesday arraignment hearing, where the Cypress man pleaded not guilty to all charges, court officials said.

Brown posted bail Wednesday morning, and is due back to the Needles courtroom for a pretrial hearing Dec. 19.

San Bernardino County Deputy Dist. Atty. Mauri Braun said Brown faces a maximum of five years in jail if convicted, one for each of the child endangerment charges, as well as one year for causing injury while under the influence of alcohol, and another for having a blood-alcohol level above the state's cap of 0.08%.

"This is an abominable situation and our thoughts and concerns go out to boys and their families," said Steven Sherman, president of Huntington Beach Pop Warner. "It's amazing that no one was seriously hurt ... we were very lucky."

At least one of the boys, he added, slipped out of his seat belt and was thrown through the window of the sport utility vehicle after the glass had popped out.

For the past two years, Brown has coached football for boys age 12 years old and younger in the Pop Warner organization, and was representing the city chapter's six team leaders on the agency's board of directors before the accident.

"Obviously, he has been removed both as coach and as a representative," Sherman said, adding that all coaching positions in Pop Warner are voluntary, and until now, Brown has shown himself to be a fair and compassionate team leader.

Pop Warner officials said the city's chapter has zero tolerance for alcohol use, and Brown "broke every rule."

Brown's team was one of five city teams traveling to play in the Saturday football games. His three young passengers were not able to participate, though one was able to attend the competition to cheer teammates on, chapter officials said.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pop Warner Coach Arrested On Child Porn Charges

Waltham Coach Arrested On Child Porn Charges BOSTON (WBZ) A Waltham youth coach has been arrested and arraigned on charges of child pornography and distributing material of a child in a sexual act.

James Aucoin, 46, has been involved as a Boy Scout leader and as a coach in both Waltham Pop Warner and North Waltham Little League, the Middlesex District Attorney Office said Friday.

Police arrested Aucoin after New Hampshire police conducted an undercover online sting in which an officer posed as a 14-year-old boy. Police said during online conversations, Aucoin sent child pornographic images and videos to the undercover officer who he believed was a 14-year-old boy.

While serving a search warrant on April 1, police said they found numerous images of child porn on his computer.

A judge set Aucoin's bail at $2,000. Should he post bail, the judge set strict rules for him to follow, including that he have no contact with kids 18 years old or younger, no computer access, and he must be placed on a GPS bracelet.

Aucoin has also been ordered to sever all associations with with North Waltham Baseball, Waltham Pop Warner and the Boy Scouts.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pop Warner Executive Fails to Win Election!

Meeting Minutes
Regular Meeting
City Council Chamber
Monday, June 13, 2011
6:30 p.m.


Chair Stanford called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Commissioner Levinson led the flag salute.


Present: Scott Hayes, Barry Levinson, Kirk San Roman, Scott Stanford, and Carl Van Gorden

Absent: Kathleen Shanfield

Staff: Parks and Recreation Interim Director Wes Morgan; Parks and Recreation Managers Hugo Curiel and Dannielle Mauk; Events Specialist Ashley Glass; Building and Facilities Superintendent Lyman Otley; and Landscape Superintendent Dennis Quinlivan.


CONSENT ITEMS (Items 1 - 3)


Commissioner Scott Hayes noted a typographical error on page 5. The name “Jimbo Wright” is incorrectly spelled “Jumbo Wright”.

Commissioner Van Gorden MADE A MOTION and Commissioner Hayes SECONDED the motion to approve the Minutes of the Parks and Recreation May 9, 2011 Commission Meeting with the correction noted.

AYES: Hayes, Levinson, San Roman, Stanford, Van Gorden

NOES: None

ABSENT: Shanfield


"Jumbo Wright"...priceless.


Interim Director Morgan introduced the item, and described the nominating and election process. Chair Stanford opened the floor to nominations for Parks and Recreation Commission Chair. Commissioner Hayes nominated Chair Stanford to continue as Chair. Chair Stanford called for the vote: Commissioner Hayes, Levinson, San Roman, Stanford, and Van Gorden voted for Chair Stanford to continue as the Parks and Recreation Commission Chair. As this was a majority of the Commission, Chair Stanford was elected to continue as the Parks and Recreation Commission Chair.

Chair Stanford then called for nominations for Vice Chair for the Parks and Recreation Commission. Commissioner Hayes and Vice Chair Shanfield were nominated. Vice Chair Shanfield was elected with a 3-2 vote to continue as the Parks and Recreation Commission Vice Chair.

Awwww...no VP, I mean, Vice Chair for Pop Warner VP Scott Hayes. That's got to hurt. Right Hayes?

"BEWARE THE MAN DRUNK WITH AMBITION." Although it is not currently known how drunk one can be at a middle management desk job for UPS.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Football Mom Sats Theft Charge Is Revenge By Pop Warner

EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA
July 25, 2007

Football mom says theft charge is revenge by Pop Warner
By Jill Harmacinski , Staff Writer

LAWRENCE - Ines Faucher said she's being harassed by the Lawrence Pop Warner Football League for setting up a competing league for children to play in.

But Pop Warner officials said they are just trying to get back the money they said was stolen from a concession stand.

Faucher, 38, of 20 May St., was charged Monday night with stealing $600 from a Pop Warner football concession stand she oversaw last year. She paid back $200 of the $600 but then decided to stop, prompting a police investigation and her arrest, police said.

She pleaded not guilty yesterday in Lawrence District Court to a charge of embezzlement of more than $250 from a voluntary association.

According to the police report, Faucher allegedly took the money in September 2006, when she was concessions manager for Pop Warner. Instead of depositing the $600 in the league's account, Faucher is accused of bringing the money home. She later claimed the money was lost, and she worked out an agreement with league officials to pay it back, according to a police report.

But Faucher stopped paying and league officials sent her a series of e-mails and a certified letter requesting the cash. Then, last December, Faucher quit the Pop Warner league and helped launch the Mill City Junior Maulers, a group associated with the American Youth Football League. She is vice president of the new league, she said.

Faucher claims she's being harassed by Frederick Elwell, president of the Pop Warner league, because she and seven other board members left and started the new league."They are angry, very angry. It's just revenge," she said yesterday, after leaving her court arraignment. She said she volunteered for five years with the Pop Warner league, often putting in late nights. She has a criminal justice degree from Hesser College and attended two years at Massachusetts School of Law. She works as an administrative assistant in Lowell, she said."I didn't embezzle it," she said of the money. "I wouldn't want to destroy my reputation for $600."And, she said, she's not "going to take food out of my kids' mouths" to pay back money she doesn't owe.

Elwell, reached yesterday, had no comment on Faucher's harassment claim. He just wants to get the league's money back."The proof is there," he said. "The money is missing. ... This isn't my money or your money. This is the kids' money."Profits from the concession stand are used to buy equipment for the players, Elwell said.

Elwell told investigators he called Faucher numerous times, trying to get her to pay the money back, but she never returned his call. Elwell also told police he had a conversation with Faucher's husband, Stephen, who said the couple's son took the money and spent it on a tattoo, food and some jewelry for his girlfriend.

"Elwell told me that he has bent over backwards for Faucher to pay back the money, but now he insists that criminal charges be filed," according to a report filed by Detective Paul MacMillan.

Faucher is due in court on Aug. 30 for a pretrial conference.

Pop Warner eating one another again.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Couple Suing Pop Warner Over Theft Accusations

Couple suing Pop Warner over theft accusations

A former Pop Warner football league official and his wife have filed a $6 million defamation suit against the organization, claiming they were wrongfully accused of stealing money.

James J. and Amanda Weldon, Evans Mills, filed a state Supreme Court complaint Thursday at the Jefferson County clerk's office against Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc., Langhorne, Pa., Pop Warner Junior League Football of Greater Watertown, Pulaski Pop Warner and several officers and directors of the local leagues.

The Weldons claim league officials suspended them indefinitely from all duties with the organization in September 2007 and then, through oral and written statements, led parents and others to believe the suspension was a result of theft of organizational funds.

Mr. Weldon, who could not be reached for comment Friday, claims in court documents that, among other things, the allegations caused him to lose his job as a caseworker with the Jefferson County Department of Social Services.

Mr. Weldon, a former U.S. Marine who was honorably discharged from the service in 1996 because of injuries suffered in the Gulf War, and Mrs. Weldon, a former medical technician in the Air Force who was honorably discharged in 1994, moved their family to Sandy Creek in 2002. A daughter joined Pulaski Pop Warner that year as a cheerleader and a son began playing football in 2004, according to court documents.

In January 2006, Mr. Weldon was elected president of Pulaski Pop Warner after "a heated race" with James Purdy, who was elected vice president. It is claimed in court documents that as a result of the election, Mr. Weldon and Mr. Purdy "were rivals, but they also share a history of animosity" because Mr. Weldon had earlier been named head coach of the Pulaski team, a position Mr. Purdy allegedly wanted.

As president of the Pulaski league, Mr. Weldon was responsible for supervising all of the business affairs for the league. Also in January 2006, he was elected secretary of the Watertown league, in charge of keeping meeting minutes and league records. Mrs. Weldon was elected the same month as treasurer of the Pulaski league, responsible for all of its funds. She also was the league's cheer coordinator.

In 2007, Mr. Weldon was elected vice president of the Watertown league, with responsibilities for selecting and setting game times and locations. In July 2007, he decided to run for president of the league and told President Darren Peebles, with whom he also had allegedly had disagreements, of his decision.

According to court documents, Mr. Peebles phoned Mr. Weldon on Sept. 20, 2007, and told him he was being suspended from both leagues for "knowingly and callously abusing the authorities" of his positions. Two days later, Mrs. Weldon was informed by a cheer coach that she was being suspended for the same reason.

Mr. Weldon claims that at a game at South Lewis on Sept. 20, 2007, Mr. Purdy approached him and said, loudly enough to be heard by parents and players, "Something is going on, you are being investigated for wrongdoing and you are suspended and have to leave the playing field immediately or the police will be called."

Mr. Purdy, Pulaski, referred questions to Pop Warner's attorney, Rosario M. Vignali, New York City, who could not be reached for comment.

The Weldons claim that several comments were made at league meetings that they stole money, including an alleged statement by a Pulaski board member that "Jim Weldon stole money from the concession stand." A letter informing Mr. Weldon of his suspension also was provided to parents.

The Weldons claim their suspension was subject to a mandatory internal investigation conducted by the national Pop Warner organization, but that never occurred. Their attorney twice contacted Jon Butler, executive director of the national Pop Warner organization, but allegedly he never responded. Josh Pruce, national director of scholastic and media relations for Pop Warner, declined comment on the matter, citing pending litigation.

The Weldons also contend they were never provided a hearing on their suspensions and that league boards refused to provide them with specific reasons why they were suspended.
"No proof or evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of plaintiffs Jim and Amanda Weldon was ever produced by any of the Defendants," it is maintained in the legal complaint.

A former treasurer of Pop Warner leagues in Watertown and Lowville has been charged with stealing about $34,000 from the organizations. Lisa A. Staie, Lowville, was charged by state police in early January with third-degree grand larceny for allegedly stealing about $20,000 from the Lowville league and was charged with the same crime a few days later by Watertown police for allegedly taking money from the Watertown league.

It could not be determined Friday whether the thefts alleged to have been committed by Mrs. Staie had any correlation to allegations regarding missing money made against the Weldons.
Mr. Weldon claims in court documents that the allegations against him cost him a $36,000-a-year job with Jefferson County. He appeared before the county Legislature in January 2008 asking for an investigation into his firing, claiming he was not made aware of the allegations that caused his termination.

He claims in legal documents the lost job left him unable to afford the mortgage on his Sandy Creek home, forcing the family to move into an Evans Mills home they had bought with the idea of renovating to rent or resell. According to court documents, the needed home repairs were largely not completed at the time the family had to move.

In addition to libel, slander and defamation, the couple is seeking damages for, among other things, the emotional distress allegedly caused by the theft allegations, the loss of Mr. Weldon's job and the necessity of having to move into a home in need of extensive repair.

The Weldons are seeking $1 million for each of five causes of action, as well as an additional $1 million for punitive damages. They are represented by Syracuse attorney James L. Sonneborn, who was unavailable for comment Friday.

Story courtesy of the Watertown Daily Times

Even when Pop Warner officials aren't breaking bad, they are eating one another.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pop Warner Treasurer, Friend Charged With Theft

Ex-Attleboro Pop Warner treasurer, friend charged with theft of league funds

Friday, May 8, 2009 5:47 PM EDT

ATTLEBORO- A former treasurer of the Attleboro Pop Warner Football League and her friend were arraigned today on charges they stole $7,190 from league funds.

Angela N. Menard, 32, of 33 1/2 Benefit St., who was treasurer from 2006 to Jan. 1 of this year, and Marcia Kovalski, 33, of 213 Hillside Ave., pleaded innocent in Attleboro District Court to larceny of more than $250 in a single scheme, according to court records.

Police allege Menard used a league ATM card to make withdrawals on a league bank account and went on a shopping spree with Kovalski, paid personal credit card bills and made purchases for food and gas that were not league related.

League officials went to police earlier this year after an audit showed alleged irregularities with the league's bank account, said Detective Sgt. Arthur Brillon, who handled the investigation. "The allegations are, and the investigation showed, there were ATM withdrawals in an irregular pattern. There were allegations they went on a shopping spree," Brillon said.

Some of the purchases were made in April through June of last year, while the football season runs from August to November.

Menard, who has been involved with Pop Warner for seven years, could not be reached for comment.

Her lawyer, Stella O'Leary of Fall River, declined to comment, saying she had just received a report about the case today.

When reached by The Sun Chronicle, Kovalski said, "No. I don't have any comment. I'm sorry."
The women were summonsed for arraignment and are free without bail. They are due back in court July 29. In a statement released this afternoon, Attleboro Pop Warner said its board was reorganized in January and that a financial audit was performed during the transition and discovered questionable transactions.

"We reviewed our finances with the Hockomock League, considered their input, and voted to turn the records over to the proper authorities for further investigation," said the statement signed by the organization's president, Scott Wilkins.

"The current board is made up of volunteers that share a common goal: We want to have a safe, fun, successful 2009 season. We wish to quell any uncertainties the public may have by assuring that proper checks and balances have been implemented by our new board to prevent similar instances in the future.

"We hope that the press and the public will allow the authorities to process this matter appropriately and allow the board to focus on planning and preparing for the 2009 football and cheerleading season," the statement said.

Pop Warner breaking bad. Nothing new.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Former Pop Warner Treasurer Charged With Theft

Former Pop Warner treasurer charged with theft
1:58 PM, Jun. 24, 2011

MIDDLESEX COUNTY — The former treasurer of a Pop Warner football league has been charged with stealing $19,795.69 from the organization, law enforcement officials said.
Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce J. Kaplan and Robert Hubner, director of the Woodbridge Police Department, announced Friday that Janet Thomas, 45, was released on her own recognizance after she surrendered at the Woodbridge Police Department on June 21, 2011, on a charge of third degree theft.

The charge was filed following an investigation by Detective Anthony Penicaro of the Woodbridge Police Department and Investigator Lisa Collins of the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.

Officials said it was determined that Thomas obtained funds in various amounts from the Port Reading Saints Football Association between January 2010 and January 2011, while she served as treasurer.

The investigation began after Saints officials found financial discrepancies and contacted police.

Story courtesy of New Jersey Today

Pop Warner breaking bad again.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Ponsi Scheme: One Good Theft Deserves Another
By Tony Bushala– June 29, 2011
Posted in: Fresh Juice, fullerton, OC Register

As The Orange County Register sinks deeper in economic distress I have to wonder what is taking so long for this rotten scow to go under.

Today a Register hackling named Lou Ponsi – who used to report Pop Warner football game scores – wrote a story about the Fullerton cop iPad theft story that FFFF broke the other day. This creep actually availed himself of documents that we posted to make it look like he had done some real reporting.

The funniest part is how Ponsi reports:
“She had seen the iPad in the bin and placed her bag of check in over it and walked away with it,” the report stated.

A bag of “check in?” What the Hell is that?!

Is this why Lou Ponsi never did a Junior All American story...he's another Pop Warner flunky?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pop Warner League President Flagged for Slurs

League President Flagged for Slurs

The Santa Ana Pop Warner head admits uttering racial remarks but says he's never used them on the field or among children.

August 29, 2003 H.G. Reza Times Staff Writer

As the kids in the Santa Ana Pop Warner league suit up for a new football season, parents and coaches - most of them Latino and African American - are feuding over the league president's use of racial slurs.

The controversy has spilled over into Internet discussion groups, spawned anonymous fliers and drawn the attention of the Orange Empire Conference - which oversees youth football in Santa Ana and 23 other Southern California cities - and two civil rights groups.

At issue is whether the league president has muttered racial slurs during games or if his foes hold greater blame by repeating the alleged slurs in Internet messages and fliers distributed at practices and board meetings.

League President Kurt Winn, who is white, conceded he sometimes uses racist words to identify blacks and Latinos, but only among friends who are comfortable with such language, never on the field or among children.

"If I'm a racist, why am I volunteering for a league where almost all of the kids are black or Hispanic?" said Winn, who grew up in Santa Ana and played in the league as a child. "It's crazy."

League officials say 420 boys and girls are registered to play in the league, the vast majority Latinos and African Americans. The league is open to children ages 5 to 16.

Winn said the accusations have been fanned by Michael Gonzalez, an old boyhood pal who was - until his recent dismissal from the league - a fellow Pop Warner board member. They played football together in the Santa Ana league and in high school. Both still prowl their old playing fields but no longer talk.

Conference officials said they probed the accusations after more than a dozen parents and coaches, including Gonzalez, complained this year to the league's board. Steve Sherman, conference commissioner, said he was unable to validate the accusations during interviews with coaches and parents.

Sherman said the most damning thing he turned up was that some parents thought Winn was "loud, obnoxious and sometimes a jerk."

The Orange County Human Relations Commission offered to mediate the dispute but was rebuffed by league board members. A local NAACP chapter intends to investigate.

With a new season at hand and practice fields jammed with children wearing shoulder pads and helmets, the debate - which had simmered over the summer - has been recharged.
Orange Empire Conference Pop Warner officials doing their best to make youth football oh so fun for the children.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Man Booked After Fight at Youth Game

Man Booked After Fight at Youth Game

September 28, 2004 From a Times Staff Writer

A man allegedly caught on video punching another man while at a Pop Warner football game in Santa Ana has surrendered to authorities, police said Monday.

Fernando Silbas Hernandez, 27, turned himself in Friday after an arrest warrant was issued, said Police Sgt. Carlos Rojas.

Hernandez, of Santa Ana, allegedly punched a man on the back of the head during a game Sept. 12 that included a fight between adults, Rojas said.

Tempers had flared when an outspoken parent was told to shut up, police said. A shoving match turned into a fight involving several people.

Rojas said an investigation led to Hernandez as suspect. He was booked on suspicion of assault and battery and released after he posted $1,000 bail.
OEC Pop Warner adults ruining it for the kids again.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Drunk Coach Arrested After SUV Crash

Coach Arrested After SUV Crash


December 07, 2000 Tariq Malik, (714) 965-7172, Ext. 13

A youth football coach has been dismissed from the Pop Warner organization after being arrested on charges of drunk driving and willful child endangerment in connection with an accident he and three team members were in last week while driving to Laughlin, Nev.

Barrett Brown, 35, a Pee Wee coach for the city's Pop Warner football league, was arrested by the California Highway Patrol after his 1995 Isuzu Rodeo overturned on a rural highway at 6:15 p.m. Friday, five miles outside Needles, authorities said.

All of the persons in the vehicle were treated for minor injuries and released, authorities said.

Brown's attorney would not comment on the case Wednesday.

Brown, who lives in Cypress, was taking three boys, all 11 or 12 years old, to a postseason consolation game. Officials with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said Brown was jailed over the weekend in lieu of $101,053 bail.

At an arraignment Tuesday, San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Joseph R. Brisco dropped Brown's bail to $16,053. Brown pleaded innocent to all charges, court officials said.

Brown posted bail Wednesday morning and is due back in Needles for a pretrial hearing Dec. 19. He faces a maximum of seven years in prison if convicted.

Brown has coached football for boys 12 years and younger in the Pop Warner organization for the last two years and represented the city's six team leaders on the agency's board of directors until the accident.

"Obviously, he has been removed both as coach and as a representative," said Steve Sherman, president of the Huntington Beach Pop Warner chapter, adding that all coaching positions in Pop Warner are voluntary.
Orange Empire Conference Pop Warner: say it ain't so.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Bad Pop Warner News

Rancho Santa Margarita
Our Times: Orange County Community News July 13, 2000 Sean Kirwan, (949) 574-4202
The Santa Margarita/Trabuco Hills Pop Warner football league received a big financial boost from Bank of America on Wednesday, just one day after the former president and founder of the league was sentenced to serve seven months in jail and repay $86,000 he embezzled from league coffers.

The bank announced that it would donate $40,000 to the league, after weeks of discussion with league officials.

George Gutierrez, 52, of Rancho Santa Margarita has pleaded guilty to writing at least 79 checks to himself and to cash from the league's account with Bank of America over the last few years.
Bank spokesman Todd Rosin said the bank hoped the donation would allow the league to continue to have a strong presence in the community.
More OEC Pop Warner breaking bad.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ex-Pop Warner Chief Arrested in Funds Theft

Ex-Pop Warner Chief Arrested in Funds Theft


The former president of the La Habra Pop Warner football league was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of embezzling more than $40,000 in league funds, the second arrest of a league official in Orange County this month.

Following a six-month police investigation, Linda Lee Tripoli, 48, surrendered to La Habra police Wednesday morning and was booked on suspicion of grand theft, embezzlement, burglary, and forgery, according to La Habra Police Det. Ron Braasch. Tripoli was released after posting bail of $50,000, police said.

Tripoli, who has been active in the nonprofit organization for 15 years and was league president last year, allegedly wrote at least $40,000 in league checks to pay for hotel rooms and her home and to make cash payments to herself in 1995, Braasch said.

"It could easily have been much more than $40,000," said Braasch, who noted the investigation only examined Tripoli's 1995 league involvement. "A lot more."

Earlier this month, police arrested the former president of the Saddleback Valley Pop Warner football league on suspicion of pocketing $11,000 in league funds. Debbie Krueger, 46, of Mission Viejo pleaded not guilty to the charge and is scheduled for a pretrial hearing today.

Tripoli, who moved from her La Habra home to northern California about six months ago, was unavailable for comment. Her La Habra attorneys, Mike McDonald and Jeff Kent, declined to comment on the case Wednesday.

Parents and board members of the Pop Warner league called La Habra police in February when they noticed large sums of money missing from league accounts. Police began investigating Tripoli's bank records, Braasch said. Difficulty in obtaining her earlier financial records limited the probe to just 1995, he said.

Police found that Tripoli had cashed league checks and paid a 1% service fee at cash-checking outlets instead of conducting business at the league's bank, Braasch said. Tripoli forged board members' signatures to cash the checks, Braasch added.

"The league should have a lot of money," said Braasch. "Instead they have a lot of debt and could possibly go under."

Phone calls to board members of the La Habra Pop Warner football league were not returned Wednesday.

News of the lost funds, which almost forced the league to shut down, outraged the community, Braasch said.

"The kids are the ones that really take the hit. They almost didn't have a season because of this," he said. "I've got parents calling me constantly and they are very, very upset."

Also contributing to this report was Times staff writer Len Hall.
Orange Empire Conference Pop Warner doing very very bad things again.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pop Warner Football Official Denies Charge of Theft

Pop Warner Football Official Denies Charge of Theft

Courts: Investigators say former president pocketed $11,000 of league's funds. Board contacted authorities after bills went unpaid.


The former president of Saddleback Valley's Pop Warner football league pleaded not guilty Thursday in Municipal Court to a charge of pocketing about $11,000 in league funds.

Debbie Krueger, 46, remains in the county Central Women's Jail on a grand theft charge pending a pretrial hearing next Thursday.

"Apparently she had been writing herself checks to the tune of over $11,000," Garner said. "We opened an investigation and determined, indeed, that that did occur."

Detectives said they called Krueger at her home Tuesday and asked her to come to the sheriff's station, where she was booked.

Krueger, whose son played for one of the league's 10 football teams, had served as league treasurer in 1995 and was this year's president until the arrest.

Sharon Wargo, a former league board member, said Thursday that parents became suspicious when there was no money to pay for trophies, yearbooks and other expenses for the teams. She said the financial files and records on the league's computer had been erased.

"Bills were not being paid and people were coming after us,' said Wargo, of Lake Forest. "That's when it all started coming down."

Wargo said she headed a league investigation committee and discovered that the league's checks were going into Krueger's personal checking account. Although investigators said about $11,000 in checks were deposited in Krueger's account, Pop Warner members said as much as $18,000 is missing.

"There was cash in the snack bar," Wargo said. "Who knows where it went, but that money's gone."

To help cover the losses, parents raised money through a silent auction and paid an extra $25 in registration fees per child. Wargo added that the league is now financially stable, but other losses can't be recouped.

"We lost families because of this situation," she said. "It just shows crime doesn't pay."
Pop Warner OEC criminals ruining it for the kids again.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Segment: How Does This Happen? Wait...It's Pop Warner

Youth football embezzler still around
May 08, 2008

This might be the record for spinning back through the Time Tunnel for a follow-up.
Remember the Great Santa Ana Pop Warner Brawl of 2004? That spawned a spate of Pop Warner complainants forwarding me their grievances - everything from team moms who ripped off the snack bar money to the internal politics of the oligarchies that control certain leagues.

Before I put a moratorium on reporting Pop Warner-related mayhem, I wrote about the ironic case of one Robert T. "Bobby" Espinosa, an Orange Empire Conference official who had been one of my sources on the Santa Ana case. Espinoza, as I reported, ended up being charged with embezzling more than $50,000 from the Fullerton Pop Warner league.

The case dragged on for years. He finally pleaded no contest last year, and then in a lengthy restitution hearing last month, he was ordered to pay back the Fullerton league $16,875 - the maximum amount the D.A. was able to prove he stole.

If he pays it back in a year, the felony charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor, according to Deputy D.A. Steve Shriver.

While the Fullerton league booted him from its ranks, what is really strange about this is that the overarching Orange Empire Conference not only keeps him around, but it apparently loves him! "Congratulations to our new regional commissioners" the conference Web site (www.popwarneroec.com) crows over photos of Espinosa and another man (the latter presumably a non-felon).

I have put in three calls to the OEC commissioner, Steve Sherman, and have gotten no response. I also repeatedly called the last number I had for Espinosa and got no response. He's told me in the past that the missing money was simply a misunderstanding that would be straightened out.
The OEC's position baffles a former Fullerton Pop Warner official. "He did do a lot of good for kids, but he stole money, too," says Bob Renfro, who served on the board with Espinosa. "Now that the verdict has come down, they should get rid of him."

This warm and fuzzy story is courtesy of the good folks at the OC Register.

An interesting follow up to this follow up: While this reporter for the OC Register reports Fullerton Pop Warner has "booted" Bobby Espinosa from their ranks, it is obvious the reporter was mistaken.

Fullerton Pop Warner's Facebook site (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=318557014442) lists Bobby Espinosa as an "Officer." Pretty high praise for a convicted thief. Fair warning to those who are listed as "Officers" on the Fullerton Pop Warner Facebook page: do you really think it is wise to associate yourself with this thief?

In what parallel universe does a thief get such high praise and is welcome back into the organization he embezzled - a proper way to say STOLE - tens of thousands of dollars from? How do you explain this to the children who because of this thief did not have jerseys until midway through their season?

Oh, wait...it is happening in the Pop Warner universe. Fullerton Pop Warner bizarro universe to be exact. Now, it makes sense.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pop Warner Coach Throws Punch

YULEE, Fla. - A Yulee Pop Warner football coach is accused of hitting a parent in the face and shoving a grandparent at Saturday's game. "I said, 'You can't tell me what I can say and not say,' and at that, he came about seven yard and bam, full on me, right in the chest," said Michael Crawford. Crawford's grandson is on the Pop Warner team coached by Shawn Rauls. According to an arrest and booking report, Rauls and Crawford got into an argument at Saturday's game held in Orange Park. Crawford said Rauls escalated things by shoving him and then punching his son in the face. "I got out to the car and could hardly breathe because I thought he broke on of my ribs," Crawford said. "A man like that does not need to be coaching 9-year-olds." Rauls was arrested by Orange Park Police and transported to the county jail. Crawford's daughter in law was at the game as well and she told Channel 4 that she does not know how to explain what happened to her son. "My son doesn't understand," she said. "He said, 'Mom, why did coach do that?' I just explain, 'I don't know.'" A number of parents said Rauls was back on the field Monday. The Pop Warner association did not allow Channel 4 access to the field to see if he was there. Story courtesy of News 4 Jacksonville. Pop Warner covering up for their own...rings familiar.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

3 Coaches Arrested After Pop Warner Melee in Morgan City

A trio of coaches with Pop Warner's Atchafalaya Football League are jailed after fighting at a 9 to 12 year old Pop Warner Football Game "Turkey Bowl." Morgan City Police Department officers were summoned to the Morgan City Junior High School Stadium in regards to a large fight between football players and coaches on Wednesday evening. Upon arrival, officers learned that one of three coaches, two from one team and one from the other had been fighting. According to witnesses, one of the players had been making late hits after officials called the play dead. At one point, after one of the hits, police say that player and an opposing player began fighting. It was at that point, Coach Howard Hartley went onto the field, separated the two players fighting. Morgan City Police tell KATC TV that the coach then struck the player who had been making the late hit. Police said that the opposing coach and also father of the player that was hit, Hilton Rhodes, approached Hartley and the two began fighting. As the fight continued, Rhodes was knocked to the ground, and Coach Quang Nguyen approached him and allegedly kicked Rhodes. After several minutes other coaches broke up the fight. Howard Hartley, 34, was arrested and charged with two counts of simple battery. Hilton Rhodes, 41, was arrested and charged with simple battery. Quang Nguyen, 43, was arrested and charged with simple battery. The three were released on their own recognizance pending court action. Story courtesy of KATC 3. Bad boy Pop Warner. Bad boy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Youth Pop Warner Football Coach Arrested On Sex Charges

Reno, NV A former Sparks Pop Warner football coach has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with a 14-year-old girl whom he met through a player, officers said.
Conoly Franklin, 36, was arrested Thursday for investigation of felony statutory sexual seduction.

Reno police Sgt. Kim Bradshaw said detectives learned of the case earlier this month when the girl, now 15, filed a separate complaint against Franklin alleging harassment.

Franklin, who coached one of the girl's relatives, met her when she was a 13-year-old middle school student.

Paula Tallent, president of Sparks Pop Warner, said Franklin passed a criminal background check before he was accepted as an assistant coach last year, she said.

"This came as a surprise to us and was the first time we had ever heard any claims against him," Tallent told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Ed Lantis, president of Pop Warner's Sagebrush Empire League, said most teams began background checks of volunteers after a similar arrest in Reno years before. Last year, the league made background checks mandatory.

Pop Warner coach Anthony Dastolfo, then 56, was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences for sexually molesting two teenage boys who lived with him.

Dastolfo earlier was twice convicted in California for annoying and molesting children before he was confirmed a Pop Warner coach.

"There's really no fool-proof system because it might have been only until this year and he snaps and becomes a bad person," Lantis added.

Franklin, who's a father, coached boys between the ages of 8 and 10.

Story courtesy of Reno KOLO TV.

One more Pop Warner coach breaking bad.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coach arrested in attack on parent in San Diego

Sun Apr 10, 2:03 pm ET SAN DIEGO - Authories say a youth football coach was arrested during a game in San Diego after he allegedly punched and kicked a parent, who was knocked unconscious when he hit the ground. San Diego police say the coach, 32-year-old Saivaauli Savaiinea, was arrested Saturday afternoon on suspicion of felony battery. He reportedly attacked 32-year-old Mark Cannon during an argument. Police say Cannon tripped over his own feet, fell and hit his head on concrete. Cannon was taken to a trauma center with head injuries. Police had no word on his condition Sunday. Police Lt. Dan Christman tells the San Diego Union Tribune that Savaiinea reportedly thought he overheard Cannon trying to recruit one of his players. "The coach threw the first punch and struck the parent on the shoulder and then kicked him in the stomach," Christman said. Christman said Cannon then began backing away from the blows. "He tripped and hit his head on the concrete. He may have suffered some serious injuries," Christman said. He said the incident was witnessed by several other parents, cheerleaders and children. The two men were with opposing teams of 9, 10, and 11-year-old kids from Chula Vista, Calif.. It happened late Saturday afternoon after a football game between the Islanders and Panthers National Youth Sports Pop Warner teams. Story courtesy of San Diego's KGTV 10. Pop Warner "coaches" at it again.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pop Warner Fees

Pop Warner's current national fees for their individual chapter is:

$35 for a tackle team
$25 for a cheer squad
$15 for a flag team

The question that logically follows is why are registration fees for Pop Warner so high?